Volunteer Program


  1. Each family contributes 15 volunteer hours per school year.
  2. $20.00 per hour buyout for any hours not completed or optional $300 buyout.
  3. All volunteer hours and/or buyouts should be contributed/paid for by May 31st in order to receive final report card.


Volunteer Opportunities**

  1. Welcome Back Luncheon
  2. Family Day
  3. Fall Festival
  4. Holly Auctionvolunteer
  5. Little Shoppers
  6. Family Christmas Night
  7. Catholic Schools Week/Pasta Supper
  8. Buck$aver Card Sales
  9. Spring Fundraiser
  10. Grandparents Day
  11. Field Day Luncheon
  12. ...and many more!!


** Volunteer duties/hours in question can be placed under the discretion of the school principal, Mrs. Ann Sarpu.




  1. H.S.A. Secretary to track volunteer hours performed by each family.
  2. Duplicate receipt book will be used to track volunteer hours worked. Each fundraiser’s chairperson will keep track of volunteer hours performed and will distribute a receipt/family for each activity worked --- one copy goes to the family, while another copy goes to the H.S.A. secretary, which in turn will chart in a school-wide catalog.
  3. Families will be notified at the beginning of February their total number of volunteer hours completed so far.


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