Fun in the Sun Summer Camp 2014

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Dear Parents and Campers,

            Watching the winter slowly melt away reminds me that it’s only a few short months before Saint Martha’s Fun In the Sun Summer Camp begins again. We have a few changes this year that we think you will like.

            Mr. Edward Carella, our sixth grade teacher, will join Mrs. Kathy McKinney and me, Mrs. Jean Bodman, to bring fresh ideas to the camp. Look for lots of baseball and other outdoor sports with Mr. Carella. We are pleased that Kathleen Sarpu and Mary Jablow will also be returning to help with our many daily activities.

            We are looking forward to a visit from Falco, the canine officer who patrolled our school one day this year and another visit from the Thompsonville Fire Department.

            Because our academic program was so successful, we will continue with daily practice and individual help with math and reading skills. Game time will be added this year to promote these skills as well as to encourage cooperation and following directions. The interactive smartboard will be an integral part of the curriculum. I Pads will be available to practice skills.

            Religion is basic as we start the camp each morning. We will continue to review the rosary and other Catholic prayers this summer.

            Each week will have a specific theme and I will again bring to the camp as many books as I can find to help us explore our particular area of study. Story time is my favorite time and I will look for a series that you can enjoy as much as you liked the adventures of Buddy the Dog last year.

            Because it is summer, we will again have daily crafts related to our theme for you to create and enjoy. It will be hard to top our dinosaur dig and our treasure hunt but we will try! Are you ready to try your luck fishing at the pond?

            Relaxation and summer sunshine are an important part of the day. Water play and time at the playscape will be provided daily, weather permitting.

            For your convenience, day care begins at 7:30 am and continues until 5:30 pm.

            Parents can rest assured that the children are in a safe and family environment cared for by the teachers that staff Saint Martha School during the academic year. We are looking forward to seeing you again this summer and don’t forget to invite some friends!

Mrs. Jean Bodman







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